George  counsels in acquisitions and divestitures in the US, France and Asia in a broad range of industry including luxury and consumer goods,  food manufacturing and distribution, electronics, automobiles and steel manufacturing.

He assisted a French multinational in acquiring food manufacturing and distribution companies throughout the US and then disposing of the group to another foreign investor. He advised German investors on the acquisition of public warehouse companies creating  one of the largest public warehouse groups in the US. He advised a US multinational on its acquisition in France of a manufacturer of automobile  components in which the French Government participated with subsidies and incentives.

Dispute Resolution

George represents clients in investment disputesincluding  everything from letters of intent to post closing purchase price adjustments.

He represented a major Hong Kong conglomerate in a letter of intent dispute before a Texas court. He assisted a US multinational  in an ICC arbitration  on post closing issues. Adept in labor law George has defended US clients before the labor courts in France. He also represents clients before the French courts in unfair competition issues. His arbitration practice  goesbeyond investment disputes to include sports law cases under the jurisdiction of the International Olympics Committee and the Tribunal for Sports in Lausanne. He has broad experience in employee investigations relating to alleged violations of  law in France and Russia in the context of strong political currents and the involvement of  notable political figures.

Antitrust / Competition Law

Antitrust law is a significant factor in international business and George is skilled in guiding clients through the obstacles. He obtains antitrust clearances for acquisitions  in  jurisdictions as varied as the US, Canada,  France and China. 

Advisor to a major international consumer products company he has been on the offense and defense in the French courts on unfair competition issues.  In West Africa he is using competition law to defend a French company against allegations of trademark and registered model infringement. Unfortunately employees with good intentions can run afoul of the competition law and drag their employers into high risk, bet your company investigations and George assists clients insensitive high stakes cartel investigations by the authorities in Europe.

Emerging Markets

George assists clients in emerging markets with acquisitions, joint ventures, greenfield operations  and intellectual property disputes in jurisdictions as varied as China,  Indonesia, Myanmar, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal. 

His work in these jurisdictions often centers on intellectual property matters and assisting clients keep control over their property when doing business in jurisdictions where the protection of intellectual property rights is not always as strong as in the US or Europe.  His task in these matters is to assist the client to determine whether the potential gain outweighs the potential risk and to take such steps as will minimize the risk if the client determines to go forward.